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Leading-Edge Cluster Forum Organic Electronics

The leading-edge cluster Forum Organic Electronics has been awarded a prize by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It is a cooperative network of 29 companies, universities and research institutes who work together to promote the development of the future technology of printed electronics in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

 Leading-Edge Cluster Forum Organic Electronics

The Leading-Edge Cluster Forum Organic Electronics in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region combines scientific excellence with economic power, in order to make use of the potential for innovation and growth in the future technology printed electronics. It is a cooperative network which currently consists of fifteen international corporations, among them three DAX-listed companies, four mid-sized companies and ten research institutes and universities.

The partners from science and business work closely together along the entire length of the value chain, from the research and development of new materials, to the conception of devices and systems, and the marketing of applications and services. This type of cooperation is unique in the world.

In autumn 2008, the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) named the cluster the winner of their leading-edge cluster competition. This is linked to the funding of the cluster partners' research projects to the tune of around € 40 million over five years.

Experience the Leading-Edge Cluster Forum Organic Electronics in film here.

What is Organic Electronics?

Organic electronics is a future-oriented green  technology involving environmentally-friendly energy generation, economical energy use and the manufacture of electronic components in a way which protects resources, using conducting and semi-conducting plastics.

What is Organic Electronics?


What is Organic Electronics?

Leading-Edge Cluster Forum Organic Electronics - Background

As part of the leading-edge cluster competition held by the BMBF, those companies, universities and research institutes in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region who were conducting research in the area of organic electronics were able to come together in a close-knit research community with jointly defined goals and a joint strategy.

Leading-Edge Cluster Forum Organic Electronics - Background