TRISENSE: Call for applications

Core of the TRISENSE (Global Triangle for Sensor Nodes) program are joint R&D projects with InnovationLab associates and members of the partner clusters NextFlex (US) and CASE (Korea) in the field of Wireless Sensor Nodes. Get involved now and apply with your idea! Successful candidates can look forward to public funding and R&D cooperations with high-potential international partners.

TRISENSE program

In the TRISENSE (Global Triangle for Sensor Nodes) program, the InnovationLab network will be strengthening its bonds to the high-potential clusters NextFlex and the Center of Advanced Soft Electronics (CASE). TRISENSE brings together the complementary competencies of InnovationLab associates and its partners NextFlex and CASE in joint R&D projects in the field of Wireless Sensor Nodes. To be more attractive on an international level, InnovationLab aims at extending its strategic network of German partners.

Partners: NextFlex & CASE

NextFlex is located in San Jose/California, the heart of the Silicon Valley. The members comprise both leading US universities and companies. Its mission is to take the key steps to the development and adoption of flexible and hybrid electronics.
The Center of Advanced Soft Electronics (CASE) located in Gyeongbuk/Korea is a joint research platform that merges the leading Korean researchers in the field of high performance soft electronics. 

Scope of the Call (Main topic: Wireless Sensor Nodes):

  • Preference is given to contributions in the scope of one of the following topics:
    - Process Design Kit (PDK) for OFET based circuits
    - Self-Powering of Sensor Nodes: Thermoelectric generators, Triboelectric generators, Micro harvesters
    - Printed gas sensors (Air quality monitoring, Smoke sensing, Electronic nose)
    - Printed fluid sensors (Water quality monitoring, Electronic tongue/Aroma sensing)
    - Printed pressure/strain sensors
    - Printed memory elements (Resistive random-access memory)
  • Outstanding ideas beyond the scope of the mentioned topics will be considered as well.

Timeline (refers to 2017 if not noted otherwise):

  • Project call posting: April 13th
  • Information session at InnovationLab: April 26th, 3 - 5 p.m.
    Remark: Please register till April 24th by sending your name, institution/company and phone to:
  • Submission of your pre-proposal: May 15th
  • Invitation for personal proposal discussion at InnovationLab: May 15th till end of May
  • We present your idea at the partner clusters NextFlex and CASE: June
  • Advisory board review: August/September
  • Submitting your contribution to the proposal (Projektskizze): November 15th
  • Latest project start: January 1st, 2019

Guideline for the pre-proposal

  • Extent: 1 page
  • Content:
    Relating your idea to the topic Wireless Sensor Nodes:
    - Motivation
    - Objective
    - Necessity
    - Novelty of the approach
    Benefit of the international cooperation for your project:
    - Why TRISENSE is the right framework?
    - What are the complementary competencies you need?
    Optionally: Preferred or possible project partners (from InnovationLab network, or otherwise).
  • Submit as pdf file (before May 15th) via the template to:

Pre-Proposal evaluation

  • TRISENSE team at InnovationLab checks for formal correctness.
  • The applicant discusses his/her project idea personally with the TRISENSE team at InnovationLab.
    - A project outline is elaborated for presentation at the partner clusters NextFlex and CASE.
    - Possible R&D matching partners are discussed.
  • The project ideas are presented at joint workshops with the partner clusters NextFlex and CASE.
  • The Advisory Board proposes max. 3 projects for public funding in the framework the BMBF project call „Internationalisierung von Spitzenclustern, Zukunftsprojekten und vergleichbaren Netzwerken“.
  • Important criteria are:
    - Compatibility with the intentions of the project call.
    - Consistency with the cluster strategy of InnovationLab, NextFlex and CASE.
    - At least two NextFlex/CASE members are willing to engage.