Tech-2-Market - Consulting According to Your Needs

Market Intelligence

Our expertise is not exclusively limited to technology. We also successfully made our way from academic research management to a producing company.

Such a rapid progress was enabled by our well established network. It is our day-to-day business to interact with companies all over the world and generate best business.

This network ranges from start-up companies in any stage of funding rounds, small and medium sized companies with a clear perspective on technology as well as businesses up  to world leading enterprises.

Always with the business and the markets in mind, we provide consulting in:

Environment Analysis and Support

  • We get you into supply chains
  • We analyze your production chains and propose and coordinate suppliers
  • We find the right partners for you
  • We analyze your markets

Investment, Merger and Acquisition Support

  • We help you to valuate companies
  • We help you in the technology assessment of companies and propose new applications
  • We perform matchmaking of companies

In a nutshell: We support you in every stage of your business. From bare technology driven development to final business cases, we advise you on which steps to take next. With us, you address the right markets with the right partners in your value chain.

This could be your Team of Experts at iL:

Dr. Christoph Kaiser

Expert for Technology Cooperation & Project Coordination

Dr. Philipp Wellmann_Market IntelligenceDr. Philipp Wellmann

Expert for Sales & Marketing, Business Development & Markt Networks

Dr. Florian UllrichDr. Florian Ullrich

Expert for Business Development & Industrial Printing