InnovationLab GmbH at LOPEC 2017, Munich

At LOPEC 2017 BASF New Business GmbH and InnovationLab GmbH will exhibit on a common booth and present a jointly designed, developed and manufactured demonstrator for ,smart packaging’.

This demonstrator highlights the benefits of flexible and lightweight electronics.

Heart of the demonstrator is an interactive label enabled by the integration of organic thin-film transistors and piezoresistive sensors on foil. The transistors implemented in top-gate architecture feature a BASF-p-type semiconductor with excellent ambient stability.

The demonstrator relies on a circuit mainly consisting of 3 LEDs, 3 organic thin-film transistors, and a printed pressure sensor on plastic. Depending on the pressure you apply on a designated field, the 3 LEDs light up gradually.

In addition to this jointly developed demonstrator, InnovationLab GmbH will present further future-oriented applications for ,smart city’ and ,e-health’.

We look forward to meeting you at our booth 518.