LOPEC 2021 - Digitally connected

From March 23-25, 2021 the leading trade fair for printed electronics will be held entirely online for the first time. With this year's online edition, LOPEC makes it possible to experience in a variety of ways the current status of one of the most exciting future technologies of mankind—and the enormous potential it still holds.

The Event - Everything you need to know:

Digitally, too, it is THE world’s meeting point for the printed electronics sector: LOPEC. In 2021 for the first time, it will be held fully online.

LOPEC—short for Large-area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention—is the leading international platform in the field of printed electronics. Year after year, it brings together leading players from application to research from all continents in the high-tech capital of Munich.

Online, too, LOPEC 2021 stands for a purposely bimodular concept of exhibition and conference—professionally translated into digital and virtual formats offering a maximum of user value. For instance, in the form of practical insights into the latest state of research and technology, exciting impulses or numerous opportunities for mutual exchange and networking. Additional benefits that are more valuable than ever in times of Covid-19 and global lockdowns allowing you to set the important course for future recovery.

The entire value chain is represented at LOPEC:

  • Materials
  • Manufacturing processes
  • System integration
  • Inspection and test systems
  • Devices
  • Applications
  • Services

Our Team at the LOPEC Conference:

Dr. Christoph Kaiser - Technical Conference - 25.03.21 11am

Innovationlab evolved in a producing company for printed electronics. As a first product, the Sensor Occlusense, that digitizes pressure distributions while biting, was developed and produced for Bausch. The talk shows the way from initial concept up to final mass manufacturing following the lab 2 fab systematic of InnovationLab.

Dr. Florian Ullrich - Business Conference - 23.03.21 2 pm

Industrial production of customized printed products has already started. For the first time, it is possible to order the development of tailored printed sensor solutions and get the mass production of the same, all from one source. This is enabled by the One-Stop Shop for Printed Organic electronics (POE) provided by the cooperation between POE expert InnovationLab and world market leader for printing presses Heidelberg.

Dr. Janusz Schinke – Poster presentation - 24.03.21

Whether in high-rack warehouses for pallets or rapidly changing interim storage facilities, pressure or weight changes can be detected at all times by integrating pressure-sensitive sensor foils. Thus, a permanent inventory can be realized. The system then provides real-time inventory information which can be used, for example, to detect incorrect entries in the system, to avoid incorrect order picking or to optimize warehouse logistics in general.


Xiaowei Feng - Technical Conference (Co-Autor Dr. Christian Melzer) - 24.03.21 11.30 am

To push printed electronics to industrial standards, robust automated electronic design tools are required. Within the cluster project 2-HORISONS - an international effort to standardize a technology platform for printed sensor fields – a comprehensive process design kit for printed organic electronics (OPDK) is developed which will be highlighted during the talk. The functionality of the OPDK is demonstrated and validate by comparing simulation results with the performance of physical ring oscillators.

How you get your tickets:

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