Start-up Ecosystem

InnovationLab supports visions of young scientists. Here, when implementing specific ideas, young scientists benefit from iL's equipment park and the expertise of numerous research and industrial partners located at InnovationLab in an interdisciplinary environment.

InnovationLab started with the aim to become a premier location for young scientists and experts in printed and organic electronics.



  • using InnovationLab's state-of the-art equipment
  • working with our technical experts
  • using InnovationLab as testing platform
  • exchanging experience and resort to the supplementary competence of the research groups
  • getting the chance to transfer their business ideas with the help of experienced experts in the early stages of setting up an enterprise

Find here some Start-ups and Spin-offs using or have used the Start-up Ecosystem located at InnovationLab in different stages:

structured 3D printed objects with BASF logo, shaped as footballs BASF 3D Printing Solutions

BASF 3DPS focuses on high-quality materials, innovative system solutions, state-of-the-art components and excellent services in the field of 3D printing...

Researcher working on a microscope BioMed X

The nanomaterial-based biosensors (NBB) team develops a novel electronic sensor platform for the next generation of point-of-care diagnostic devices...

close up printing machine by GT+W GT+W

GT+W offers solutions to research and production companies enabling them to investigate and produce completely new printed products...

a sensor embedded shoe insole detecting dangerous Parkinsonian walking behavior Novapace

Novapace is a sensor embedded shoe insole detecting dangerous Parkinsonian walking behavior, that can be prevented by concentration on walking...

different ink structures peptech

peptech focuses on the development and production of functional printing inks and process development of flexible and printed electronics...

a foldable and telescopic system as display in supermarkets Pure Value Europe

Pure Value invented Proteus Smart Display, a foldable and telescopic system that saves up to 85% of cardboard, 90% CO2 and 50% cost in the value chain...

Street with integrated solar ground modules (black quares on the ground) Rocsun

Rocsun has developed the first scratch-resistant solar ground module ‘PowerGround’ to produce clean solar power on sunlit ground...

Astronaut on the moon, text: "That is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" Silicon Surfer

Silicon Surfer has developed WaveFont, a subtitling service which visualizes voice characteristics/emotions in addition to content in terms of spoken words...

different layers of a smart tag TicTag

TicTag developed a smart tag which contains a digital and unique fingerprint. It triggers an action on phones or tablets by touching the capacitive screen...

model of an ear equipped with vibrosonic's hearing solution Vibrosonic

Vibrosonic develops high-fidelity hearing solutions based on a new kind of sound transducer....