Research & Development Facility Management

iL serves as research hub for your scientific problems in functional printing.

InnovationLab's state-of-the-art research infrastructure is the key of our success. We want to share this success with you and offer our R&D infrastructure for your use. For a flat rate we grant you access to our versatile infrastructure and facility management. Our motto is: All under one roof.

From office space, physical laboratories to cleanroom facilities the environment necessary for the successful development of new technologies and products is provided. Along with modern laboratories and top-level characterization tools, our facility includes a unique selection of first printing tests to pilot plants all seamlessly integrated by the skilled professionals at InnovationLab and of our cooperative network. Our facility is equipped with various manufacturing tools and state-of-the-art analytic equipment.

Our facility includes:

  • 470m² chemical preparation & electrical characterization labs
  • 660m² Cleanroom of ISO 8
  • 40m² Cleanroom/Yellow Room of ISO 5
  • Wet Labs
  • Stock Rooms/Storage Space
  • Offices
  • Conference rooms

Cleanroom technologies and services:

  • Ozone filter
  • Ultrapure water
  • Electrostatically dissipative floor
  • Process cooling water 12°C
  • Switchable lighting white/yellow
  • Media distributors
  • Interconnection of various technical gases
  • Air conditioning parameters: 23°C +/-3K, 50% +5/-10 relative humidity
  • Regular particle measurement
  • Daily cleaning
  • Provision of general consumables

To maintain the infrastructure at iL and thus your activities, our facility management provides:

  • Reception Services
  • Technical Services
  • Facility Safety Services
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Material Procurement Services

The InnovationLab facilities are available for hire or rent, after the required training to all:

  • Industrialists
  • Postgraduates
  • Post-doctoral workers
  • Research Staff
  • Technicians
  • Academic Staff

The working hours are from 7.00 am to 20.00 pm.