R&D Equipment Pool

The InnovationLab joint research and development platform offers all partners state-of-the-art equipment within 700m² cleanroom labs and 470m² chemical preparation & electrical characterization labs.


  • small and medium size printing proofers up to  DIN A4 (210x297 mm)
  • large scale roll-to-roll printing press (330 mm width)
  • photolithography
  • comprehensive equipment pool for device preparation & characterization


Clustertool = Ultra high vacuum system for investigation of organic thin-film layer systems without breaking vacuum and critical sample transfers.


Sample preparations:

  • vacuum evaporation
  • solution processing (spin-coater)
  • dry nitrogen glovebox

Sample characterization:

  • Auriga® CrossBeam® - Workstation (SEM, FIB, GIS)
  • Physical Electronics PHI 5000 VersaProbe (XPS, UPS, IPES)
  • Bruker Vertex 80v  (FTIR-Spectrometer)
  • DME BRR scanning probe microscopy (AFM, STM, SKP)

Yellow Room of ISO 5

Suss MicroTec Mask Aligner

  • Mask frame: 7” masks & 5” masks
  • Designed for up to 150 mm Wafer size
  • To be used for MEMS applications, production of optical components and compound semiconductors

Wet bench: 

  • 4x Heated Ultrasonic Bath (3x suitable for flammable liquids)
  • 3x QDR sinks (Quick Dump Rinse)
  • Fully equipped with Filter-Fan Units

Suss MicroTec  Spin Coater RC16:

  • For up to 150 mm wafer sample size (R&D work up to small scale production)



In the competence center Printing new materials concepts and processes are being developed. The available printing equipment is specifically well-suited for testing of new materials and up-scaling of processes to production scale.

Printing Stage 1: “proof of concept”

  • substrate size: up to 50 mm
  • small fluid amounts


Printing Stage 2: “prototyping”

  • substrate size: up to 150 mm
  • fluid amounts: 5-75 ml


Printing Stage 3: “scale-up”

  • printing and drying of single or multilayer functional material systems
  • large volume manufacturing capabilities
  • substrate size > DIN A4 (210x297 mm)
  • material consumption ~200 ml

PEP3 (based on Gallus RCS 330)

  • pretreatment
  • printing processes: flexo, gravure, screen and offset printing
  • optional: inkjet printing
  • drying: UV, IR, convection and active cooling