Global Network

Printed Electronics is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Challenges and innovation opportunities have to be tackled by cooperation.

Therefore, InnovationLab aims to work with leading networks in the field of printed organic electronics worldwide.


Within the cluster project 2HORISONS (2-wards Hybrid and Organic Electronics: International Development of Sensor Nodes) the InnovationLab GmbH cooperates with the German alliance partners BASF SE, Cadence Design Systems GmbH, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and Heidelberg University and international cluster organizations.



Within HITEC (Hybrid Integrated Electronic Components) – an independent sub-project of 2HORISONS - the German alliance partners cooperate with the American cluster NextFlex.



Within INNOVATE (Integration of Novel Large Area Sensor Technology) – an independent sub-project of 2HORISONS - the German alliance partners cooperate with the Korean cluster CASE - Center for Advanced Soft Electronics.

Center for Advanced Soft Electronics

Digital Hub for Chemistry & Health

Digital Hub for Chemistry & Health is part of the de:hub initiative launched by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs with the aim of supporting digital Innovation in Germany. The Purpose is to drive innovation and startups in the field of chemistry and health and thereby accelerate the development of new business models and market-ready solutions.

Digital Hub for Chemistry & Health

Organic Electronics Saxony (OES)

OES, Europe’s largest cluster for organic semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, is a partner of InnovationLab in the field of organic electronics. OES offers an excellent communication and cooperation platform to maintain and strengthen successfully the existing global position and to support specifically the internal know-how transfer in R&D.

Organic Electronics Saxony (OES)