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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Kowalsky

Managing Director

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Luat Nguyen

Managing Director

Active Matrix with 256 sensels

The active matrix uses the principles of TFT display backplanes to overcome the issues of “ghost” or false touches associated with many (passive) matrix sensors. The AM is designed to be compatible with different sensor technologies, in our case, piezoresistive pressure sensor.

Digitally printed structures for sensing applications

Printing processes will allow the production of large-area organic electronics using various substrates, like digitally printed structures for sensing applications as seen in the picture.

Roll-to-roll printing press PEP3

At the roll-to-roll printing press PEP3, four different printing techniques (gravure, flexo, screen and offset printing) as well as drying and and finishing modules can be used to for printing on different types of substrates  with a maximum width of 13in and a printing rate of 39-6299 in/min.

Flexible gravure-printed OLEDs on PET

8x8 mm

DIALOOX - Switchable Luminescent Display on Glass

The joint project DIALOOX by BASF New Business and InnovationLab focuses on manufacturing functional glass with LEDs.

published online: 12-March-2018

InnovationLab Lets turn your ideas into products

Innovation needs strong partners: we assist clients through various stages of the product and the process development such as planning, design, printing, coating, pre processing, post processing, and integration.

published online: 15-January-2018

Young Investigator Network KIT - Printed Electronics 

In the InnovationLab in Heidelberg Gerardo Hernández-Sosa and his team are looking for biodegradable materials to be used in electronics. They analyze different materials in order to find out whether they are suitable for printing electronics.

published online: 06-Aug-2015

Chemistry and flexible screens

The chemical world tour (season 3): Marion (journalist) and Mickael (chemist) at InnovationLab.

published online: 26-Nov-2013