Hands-On Experience at InnovationLab

Joining InnovationLab, you will get first insights into the work in the field of printed electronics and gain valuable practical experience for your further career path. You will not only support us in current projects, but also be able to implement your own ideas. How this may look like, you will find out here:

As part of her studies in the field of medical technology, Judith completed a 6-month internship in our Tech-2-Market department. She not only directly supported us with everyday development tasks, but also carried out her own special project: the development of a demonstrator, which was then to be exhibited at trade fairs. The goal was to present it for the first time at CES in Las Vegas in January 2022.

She started with various ideas, ranging from a punchball to a helmet equipped with pressure sensors, before finally deciding on the printed pressure sensor "hand" that can be connected to an Arduino Due to display the measurement signals on a screen with a corresponding user interface.

Over the next few months, Judith took care of expanding the Arduino Due with an Arduino Shield to read the printed pressure sensors. She designed the layout, including the size of the hand outline, the pressure sensors, and the traces. This resulted in two different layers printed on two different screens. After printing the demonstrator on our screen printing machine, she assembled it and began characterizing the pressure sensors and verifying their functionality. The final task was to customize the user interface. And then it was ready to fly with us to Las Vegas.

"Developing the hand demonstrator was a special task that is not part of my regular activities at InnovationLab, but it was a lot of fun. There are many things to consider, but seeing the result later in reality is incredibly exciting!"


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