Department OFETs & Sensor Development

Der Innovation einen Schritt voraus

The department of OFETS and Sensor Development primarily deals with field effect transistors and small sized printers. However, there is no limitation when it comes to develop a new sensing concept for a specific need, whether it is temperature, humidity, light, pressure or whatever the customer has in mind. The department's biggest competence is the well experienced team of engineers and technicians who are working together to stay on the frontline of innovation.


Photo of the Head of the Department Sensors and OFETs Development, Dr.-Ing. Atefeh Amin

Head of the Department

Dr.-Ing. Atefeh Amin has a doctoral degree in material science with a focus on organic materials and devices. Following her academic training in physics and nanomolecular science, she joined InnovationLab in 2018 as Application Development Engineer and now concentrates on flexible and printable electronics with a focus on low voltage devices.

Dr.-Ing. Atefeh Amin has 10 years of R&D experience in printed and flexible electronics and has been working on the production of flexible display technology.

Since she has started a second degree in medicine, her team has gained valuable expertise and further knowledge in the field of medical devices and low voltage hand-held electronics.