Department Legal Services and Intellectual Property

The Legal Basis for New Business Areas and Projects

In a young technology-based company, the task of Legal Services is to channel the dynamics and embed them in lean processes. Providing solutions is our mission. We create the legal basis for new business areas and projects - the path on which the company travels safely and quickly - with as few obstacles and twists as possible.

Professionally, our work is very versatile. Alongside the usual legal fields of a limited liabilty company, we focus specifically on intellectual property, patents, R&D and license agreements. We support our employees in projects with all contractual issues, the management and the company with corporate and strategic issues. We are sparring partners for new ideas and goals.

Head of Department

Photo of the Head of Legal Services and IP Management

After studying law in Heidelberg, London (London School of Economics), Cologne (doctorate, Institute for Eastern European Law) and Warsaw (Trybunał Konstytucyjny; OSCE), Dr. Tanja Benedict initially worked as a postdoc at the University of Heidelberg.

Following the position as an attorney at Ernst & Young in Stuttgart, she worked as a permanently employed legal adviser at progroup AG.

Since 2010, Dr. Tanja Benedict has been in charge of the Legal Services at InnovationLab and has been an authorized representative of the company since 2014.

Since 2016, Dr. Benedict has also been responsible for the Intellectual Property domain at iL. She is very passionate about languages and cultures as well as comparative law and accompanies projects in Italian, Polish, Russian, English and French.