Department Marketing

The Quality of Our Work is the Best Advertisement

Our goal is to offer our customers individual and customized total solutions. We focus holistically on the requirements of the market and our customers in order to offer them the perfect fit to their needs.

Since our portfolio is as unique as it is comprehensive, one of our main focus points is a strong communication policy. We are a team with strong competencies, value orientation and a special cohesion. We communicate this cohesively to the outside world, both online and offline.

Through effective measures to achieve our marketing goals, we aim not only to inform, but also to inspire our customers, partners and colleagues alike. The world of printed electronics is so fascinating and diverse that new applications are constantly emerging and the potential for the future seems unlimited.

Head of Department

Photo of the Head of Marketing, Anne-Katherine Kommert

After her training as a curative education nurse and the completion of her studies at the University of Bremen (Digital Media, B.Sc.) and the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg (Media and Communication, M.Sc.), Anne Kommert started to support the iL team in 2016 as an officer in Communications, Events & Partner Relations.

Since 2018, she has been working as Head of Marketing on the appearance and marketing of the company and its products, including the planning, coordination and implementation of targeted marketing measures and corporate appearances.