Department Sensors and OFETs´ Development

Printed Sensors in the Context of Sensors and OFETs' Development

Within the department Sensors and OFETs' Development we work on the implementation of printed and organic sensors in the context of OFETs' development.

Our work focuses on the development and implementation of specific sensors and their use in networks. We work specifically on sensors for pressure, temperature, damage, touch, and proximity - all important areas for more intelligent systems for industry and our daily life.

Head of Department

Photo of the Head of the Department Sensors and OFETS' Development, Dr. Jean-Nicolas Tisserant

Dr. Jean-Nicolas Tisserant is a trained polymer engineer. Following his doctoral studies in organic semiconductors, he became interested in organic and printed sensors. His focus here was on research as well as the work on and with gas detection and light conversion systems.

After 8 years of academic research in France, Switzerland and Germany, Dr. Jean Nicolas Tisserant joined the InnovationLab to develop new sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT).