InnovationLab and Pure Value join forces for smart displays in retail industries


  • Smart displays will sustainably change the branded promotions worldwide

  • Anonymized monitoring of sale and purchasing decisions

  • Customizable pressure sensors address multiple industries

InnovationLab and Pure Value proudly announce their collaboration on integrating InnovationLab’s printed pressure sensitive foils into Proteus Smart Display & smart shelves in the retail industry.

Smart Displays
Pure Value and Ahrma already developed Proteus, a sustainable solution in product promotion. This foldable, telescopic, and reusable system saves up to 85% of cardboard, 90% CO2 and 50% cost in the value chain. The common effort addresses manufacturers promoting and displaying their products in supermarkets. In cooperation with InnovationLab Proteus, equipped with flexible printed pressure sensors, becomes a smart solution to enable anonymized monitoring of sale and purchasing decisions, pivotal aspects for successful marketing. Luat Nguyen, Managing Director of InnovationLab confirmed, “We are very pleased to announce the cooperation with Pure Value. The joint project will set the new standard and sustainably change the branded promotions in supermarkets. It is our honor to be a strategic partner of the new generation of Proteus. Together we will succeed in creating a better and smarter world.”

Customizable Printed Electronics
Manufacturers are always keen to reduce size and costs of electronic components - there is a wide range of requirements. InnovationLab’s printed sensors are manufactured using a high throughput printing processes. Such an additive manufacturing approach enables cost effective fabrication of large area sensor arrays. They can be processed on ultra-thin flexible substrates allowing customers to integrate them into densely packed system applications. InnovationLab’s sensors offer the high dynamic range, accuracy and high reproducibility designers require. Moreover, they are customizable to unique form factors to meet specific applications. The sensors are robust against mechanical abrasion and temperature allowing for various applications in stressful environments. In addition to flexible printed pressure sensors, InnovationLab offers extensive expertise in the development and commercialization of processes and systems for printed electronic structures, circuits and devices, taking customers from small volume lab scale printing to pilot line volumes and beyond.

About InnovationLab GmbH
InnovationLab GmbH (iL) is the joint platform for research and knowledge transfer at the interface of academia and industry in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Since foundation in 2008 by a strong group of like-minded shareholders, InnovationLab GmbH acts as the managing company of the research & development platform and brings shareholders and partners together for cooperative research in joint facilities. iL is supported by the University of Heidelberg, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and by the companies BASF SE, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and SAP SE. iL's goal is to create research platforms which allow the partners to work together under one roof across all disciplines and along the entire value chain (“from lab to fab”). The company mainly focuses on cooperative research, transforming inventions into marketable products, and training the next generation. In 2008, the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) named the network the winner of their Leading-Edge Cluster Competition. iL is initially working on the future technology of printed and organic electronics. This interdisciplinary field requires deep knowledge across multiple domains. iL´s expertise includes a solid understanding of materials, processes and printing technologies. The emphasis is on cost-effective, environmentally friendly production of electronic components such as circuits and sensors.

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About Pure Value
Pure Value Europe is a Belgium R&D company in creating the most sustainable and effective promotions possible. Together with retailer and brands they invented Proteus Smart Display. A foldable and telescopic system that saves up to 85% of cardboard, 90% CO2 and 50% cost in the value chain. All involved brands and retailers concluded that Proteus will become the new standard on branded promotions Worldwide.