InnovationLab strengthens future collaboration with SAP in the field of Internet of Things


  • Knowledge transfer: InnovationLab and SAP hold workshops on the topic of intelligent applications for the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Linking the physical world with the virtual world: The system for digital innovations, SAP Leonardo, enables printed electronics to be quickly networked with the Internet of Things and facilitates new types of business processes and business models

In the future, InnovationLab GmbH will cooperate more closely with SAP SE in integrating printed electronics into future-oriented applications for the IoT.

Making everything accessible anytime, anywhere
The IoT describes the networking of physical and virtual objects with each other, with people and with processes. With SAP Leonardo, the system for digital innovations, SAP provides a kind of quick-start program that helps companies enter this digital world of smart devices.

On February 27, a workshop on this topic was held at the InnovationLab, which focused not only on knowledge transfer but also on the networking of printed electronics with the IoT. The workshop was attended by partners of the InnovationLab, including BASF, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Heidelberg.

InnovationLab's printed sensors can be manufactured on ultra-thin, flexible materials such as films that allow customers to integrate them into system applications in a space-saving manner. Both InnovationLab's printed sensors and KIT's photodetectors offer numerous opportunities for future-oriented applications that can be identified and implemented more quickly with the support of SAP Leonardo.