Industrial Production of printed functional Products

InnovationLab has a deep knowledge in the transition from first printing tests to the full production of print products. In addition, iL provides full production of your print product in small batch series and industrial scale.

We mainly focus on transforming inventions into marketable products and accompany our customers to the final fully automated industrial production of their functional print products. The emphasis is on cost-effective, environmentally friendly production of electronic components such as circuits and sensors.

Our known fully printed pressure sensors in large area (km x m) have been presented in variable of market products for automotive, medical, agriculture industry following our B2B relations.

Each of our lab-processes can also be transfered on the mass-production-machine thus we are able to offer services from scaling-up your prototypes into industrial scale. Various methods of realizing your projects and products are available on stand-alone printing machines and on our high-flexible printing press.