Competence Center Printing

The Printing competence center, consisting of the Doersam group (Institute for Printing Science Technology, TU Darmstadt) and the TFT group (Thin Film Technology, Karlsruher Institute of Technology) works on several topics in the field of coating and printing technologies for printed electronics.

The competence center is focused on joint activities in order to realize and develop already existing technologies for making functional materials processible. Therefore, layer formation, drying of thin and functional films and their underlying principles in fluid dynamics are investigated.

The major fields of research are:

  • process technology
  • wet film formation
  • characterization of functional fluids
  • characterization of printed layers
  • drying, structural, and electronic Morphology

For efficient printing and coating in printed electronics, the aforementioned fields of research are investigated in close collaboration within the Printing Competence Center.

The following diagram shows different dependencies for the several relevant parameters in printing and coating processes with respect to homogenous layer formation. One of the most relevant processes for printing is the fluid transfer within the printing unit.

Relevant parameters in printing and coating processes and their dependencies