IP Management

We will help partners to find an easy and efficient way to create a confidential surrounding for open talks, adequate and sustainable protection for intellectual property and help partners to find a way for a commercialization that fits their needs.  

We offer strategic consultancy for partners, coordination of players in negotiations between partners in legal questions connected to commercialization of IP: from the first confidential talks to licensing or spinning out.

Meet inspired academics.

You are looking for pioneering technologies?

We offer technologies developed at InnovationLab to businesses around the world. Working at the interface of industry and academia, we have gathered experience in licensing in various settings of inventors groups from academia, research centers and industry. The available technologies can be requested at Legal Services.

You are looking for young inspiring academic research or would like to leverage early stage research and scale-up?

With our partners we have set up pipeline agreements to commercialize IP created at InnovationLab. Under these agreements we act as technology transfer office and welcome pioneering technology companies as licensees.

Bring your curiosity and spirit to InnovationLab.

You are a young scientist and interested in research on organic electronics and pressure sensors?

We offer young academics (starting from bachelor's degree) the opportunity to do their research in an open but protected space. Here you can work from day one in projects with seniors from academia and industry. If you are inspired and inventive, at InnovationLab you have excellent conditions for laboratory research, sharing your results on a high discussion level with other academics and find a partner for commercialization of your results. During this process we will accompany you with our services.

IP Screening, IP Declaration, Patenting, Commercialization

  • IP Screening:  we offer you courses on intellectual property, we accompany you in finding a partner for patenting your results.
  • IP Declaration: we accompany the process of declaration, coordinate inventors declarations in cases of group inventions.
  • Patenting/Commercialization: we act as technology transfer office for your inventions on the basis of pipeline agreements, we help you find a patenting partner.