Smart Chair for your personal Health Care

At modern times, a lot of jobs have changed to tasks performed sitting in front of a computer, a workbench or a steering-wheel. Hand in hand with this growing number, back complaints are getting a widespread issue. To prevent back complaints, it’s important to mind a correct back posture while sitting and working on your project.

To support your ergonomically correct seating positions, InnovationLab GmbH invented a new application. The smart chair is equipped with InnovationLab's well known pressure sensors for a high-resolution anyalysis of pressure distribution. The data generated from our pressure sensors is analyzed and visualized by the modular system physiosense. This modular system consists of hardware and software solutions. The plug’n‘play system allows to read out pressure distributions with high-resolution sensor systems. For example on stiff or flexible surfaces. Supported with an App for your mobile device, the smart chair will give you a continous update about your sitting posture including tips to prevent wrong posture.

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Facts about our Pressure Sensors

Manufactured by:

InnovationLab GmbH


PET, PEN, PI etc.


Silver and Force Sensitive Material


Flexo: 50µm
Screen: 80µm

Printing method:

Flexography and screen printing

Processing Time:

Flexo: up to 160 meters per minute
Screen: up to 80 meters per minute