Thermoelectric Generators

otego is a young German spin-off from KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). They develop innovative thermoelectric generators (TEG) to use ambient heat as an independent energy supply for wireless sensors and actuators. With its extensive knowhow and facilities, InnovationLab supports the production of their TEGs.

Thermoelectric generators convert heat directly into electric power as soon as there is a condition of differences in temperature. They work completely maintenance-free and can use even small temperature differences. The team of otego managed to bring together low-cost materials and industrial production methods for the first time.

Conventional TEG are very expensive and therefore uncompetitive due to rare as well as toxic materials and complex production processes. The otego-technology makes use of inexpensive printable semiconductors (electrically conductive polymers) and processes them in large scale industrial production machines as InnovationLab´s Gallus RCS 330 printing press. This combination not only leads to a competitive price of otego´s so called OTEGs. The use of flexible and robust materials confer superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties to the OTEGs. And they are only the size of a sugar cube.

OTEGs from otego can be integrated into various future-oriented applications of Energy Harvesting for IoT, e.g. wireless condition based maintenance sensors in Industry 4.0 applications, wireless sensors and actuators in Smart Home applications and wearables. In the long run otego aims to integrate their generators also in large scale waste heat recovery systems.