Mobility & Smart Urbanism

InnovationLab’s flexible printed pressure sensors are manufactured using a high throughput printing process. Such an additive manufacturing approach enables cost effective fabrication of large area sensor arrays. Their flexibility makes them suitable for all purposes. Printed on thermoplastic polyurethane the integrated pressure sensors don’t generate irritating audible noises. Thereby they are especially suitable for applications of customer proximity.

The flexible printed pressure sensors can be processed on ultra-thin flexible substrates allowing customers to integrate them into densely packed system applications as car seats to distinguish between seated persons and other objects. This information about driver presence provides a basis for various driver assistance and safety systems as seat belt reminders and emergency call systems. But also, in aviation sector these pressure sensors could support safety features for landing and take-off by occupancy identification.

Additional applications are to be found in the field of facility management as fitting out smart offices. To prevent back complaints, smart chairs equipped with InnovationLab's pressure sensors for a high-resolution analysis of pressure distribution can support correct sitting postures. Furthermore, room occupancies can be tracked and analyzed. Energy consumption may can be optimized and adapted to suit the room occupation.

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printed pressure sensors on thin flexible subtrate
Printed pressure sensors on thin flexible subtrate


Manufactured by:

InnovationLab GmbH


PET, PEN, PI, TPU etc.


Silver and Force Sensitive Material


Flexo: 50µm
Screen: 80µm

Printing method:

Flexography and screen printing

Processing Time:

Flexo: up to 160 meters per minute
Screen: up to 80 meters per minute