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Head of Tech-2-Market

Dr. Christoph Kaiser
Interface customer-iL, Technology Cooperation, Project Coordination

  • 2 years technology cooperation management at InnovationLab
  • 5 years at Fraunhofer ITWM, leading the application center TeraTec for material characterisation and testing
  • 4 years in research of light technology at KIT (PHD work)
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Dr. Florian Ullrich
BD, Industrial Production of Printed & Organic Electronics

  • 1 year business development at InnovationLab
  • 4 years in research for OPV at TU Darmstadt/InnovationLab/Princeton University
  • 9 years experience in printed and organic electronics

Dr. Kerry Adams
Technology, Materials and Markets

  • 23 years in the printed and flexible electronics industry with DuPont
  • Career has encompassed a wide variety of functional and management roles in technology, sales, business development and marketing
  • Experienced in all aspects of printed and flexible electronics from process and materials through to business and market strategy

Dr. Atefeh Amin
Flexible Printable Sensor Concepts, Medical Applications

  • 10 years of R&D experience in printed and flexible electronics
  • 1 year of production experience in flexible display technology
  • MD candidate

Dr. Ing. Jean-Charles Flores
Technologist, Innovation Consulting

  • 12 years at Ciba/BASF as researcher, technologist and program manager
  • Consultant for start-up and large group (technology roadmap, product design, innovation strategy)
  • 19 years of experience in Printed Electronics (included PhD)
  • Display expert (material, process); IJP and 3DP expert

Dr. Andreas Frölich
Sales & Marketing, BD, Innovation Consulting

  • 2 years innovation and technology consulting as well as matchmaking in micro- and nanotechnology
  • 3 years at Nanoscribe on business development, Head of Sales and Marketing, driving a scientific tool into an industrially relevant application
  • 4+ years in R&D for 3D nanotechnology in photonics at KIT

Dr. Mathieu Turbiez
Innovation, R&D, Business Consultant

  • 20 years in R&D and BD focusing on Advanced Materials development for Organic Electronics at Ciba SC, BASF & Idemitsu Kosan
  • Pioneer in R&D and product development for printed electronics (DPP polymers)
  • R&D managing director of Idemitsu OLED Materials Europe AG
  • Company creation, business case, strategic partnership, R&D roadmap,organizational development, innovation and product portfolio management, technical marketing

Dr. Alexey Sizov
System Integration, Printed Sensors & IoT

  • 2 years of system integration at InnovationLab
  • 4+ years in the field of sensor development
  • 7+ years experience in embedded systems design, software and IoT
  • 9+ years experience in printed and organic electronics (including Ph.D. work)

Dr. Philipp Wellmann
Sales & Marketing, BD, Market Network

  • 5+ years at BASF New Business on strategy, business development and global sales (Seoul/Korea)
  • 4 years at Novaled working on customers support, sales and marketing (in Tokyo/Japan)
  • 4+ years in R&D for OLED at Novaled (including Ph.D. work)