Flexible Printed Pressure Sensors

InnovationLab is initially working on the future technology of printed and organic electronics. Our expertise includes a solid understanding of materials, processes and printing technologies. The emphasis is on cost-effective, environmentally friendly production of electronic components such as circuits and sensors.

At InnovationLab, we are focused on flexible printed pressure sensors to fit the growing market of printed sensors. We manufacture these sensors using high throughput printing processes for cost-effective fabrication of large-area sensor arrays. Processed on ultra-thin flexible substrates they are customizable to unique form factors to meet specific applications. Moreover, our sensors exhibit the high dynamic range, accuracy and high reproducibility required by designers and they are robust against mechanical abrasion and temperature influence. This enables various applications in stressful environments. Health care, logistics or movement tracking of crowded places or vehicles are among the opportunities ahead for flexible printed pressure sensors.

Technical Data

Manufactured by:
InnovationLab GmbH

PET, PEN, PI, etc.

Silver and Force Sensitive Material

Flexo: 50µm
Screen: 80µm

Printing method:
Flexography and screen printing

Processing Time:
Flexo: up to 160 meters per minute
Screen: up to 80 meters per minute