Active Matrix (with 256 sensels)

BASF New Business GmbH and InnovationLab GmbH built an active matrix (AM) pressure sensor which allows to detect pressure at high read out rates without crosstalk.


The active matrix uses the principles of TFT display backplanes to overcome the issues of “ghost” or false touches associated with many (passive) matrix sensors. The AM is designed to be compatible with different sensor technologies, in our case, piezoresistive pressure sensor. In order to demonstrate the working principle of the AM pressure sensor, it is wirelessly connected to a portable device (smartphone or tablet) that powers an app which enables to show e.g. a pressure map or to play games.


Shape and size of such AM pressure sensors are in principle freely selectable. From an end application perspective, all applications for pressure sensing or sensing of other physical effects which need flexible, unbreakable, cost competitively producible sensing elements are addressable.