DIALOOX - Switchable Luminescent Display on Glass

The joint project DIALOOX by BASF New Business and InnovationLab focuses on manufacturing functional glass with LEDs.

The jointly manufactured display on glass including novel BASF proprietary interlayer technology printed and integrated by InnovationLab has been presented at Glass Performance Days 2017, Bau 2017, and GlassTec 2016.

Intensity of the LEDs at day and at night
Intensity of the LEDs at day (upper picture) and at night (lower picture)

Advantages of the functional glass:

  • visibility for architectural landmarks
  • illumination to highlight architectural elements (e.g. railings, facades, insulating glass units)
  • any patern/logo printable
  • in „off state“ appears transparent, in „on state“ glass turns in to a display
  • monochromatic interlayers – capable of emitting uniformly white light
  • LEDs can be maintained
  • made using standard glass processing technologies – without additional investments
Transparency of the functional glass unlighted and lighted
Transparency of the functional glass (unlighted/lighted)