Movement Tracking

Our printed sensors are manufactured using high throughput printing processes. Such an additive manufacturing approach enables cost effective fabrication of large area sensor arrays. They can be processed on ultra-thin flexible substrates allowing customers to integrate them into densely packed system applications.

We leverage and enhance sensing technology solutions to empower our customers to develop innovative, meaningful products that harness the sense ability for medical devices, robotics, automotive applications, and industrial and consumer products.

Our sensors offer the high dynamic range, accuracy and high reproducibility designers require. Moreover, they are customizable to unique form factors to meet specific applications. The sensors are robust against mechanical abrasion and temperature allowing for various applications in stressful environments as movement tracking of crowded places or vehicles.

These pressure sensors can be integrated into various future-oriented applications. For any inquiries you may have, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Digital pattern: Pressure sensors
Digital pattern: Pressure sensors

Manufactured by:

InnovationLab GmbH


PET, PEN, PI etc.


Silver and Force Sensitive Material


Flexo: 50µm
Screen: 80µm

Printing method:

Flexography and screen printing

Processing Time:

Flexo: up to 160 meters per minute
Screen: up to 80 meters per minute