Electroluminescent Roll-up Banner

Remote control by mobile phone or tablet device
Remote control by mobile phone or tablet device

For his Master Thesis Florian Wittig, co-worker in Interface Design at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, developed in cooperation with InnovationLab GmbH a flexible electroluminescent low-res display.

A multi-layer electroluminescent display in form of a low-resolution dot matrix is screen printed onto the foil of a common roll-up banner which usually only displays static information. With the help of electroluminescence the dots or pixels of the matrix are able to actively emit light and thus display modifiable information. The matrix is connected to a small power source as well as a microcontroller which are located in a box attached to the roll-up banner aluminum case. The microcontroller is accessible through a wireless connection, enabling users of mobile devices to remotely control the EL display. As the EL display is printed on flexible PET foil, it can be rolled and stored in the aluminum case in which the banner is transported.

This product is designed for exhibitors at trade fairs and conferences who use roll-up banners as a medium for advertising their products or for displaying useful information to the visitors. The project will enable users to easily change and adapt information on their roll-up display as well as using the attention-grabbing effect of light without losing the benefits of the classic roll-up display.

Advantages of roll-ups display information or advertising

  • light-weight
  • portable
  • easy to set up
  • affordable


Layout Electroluminescent Roll-up Banner
Layout Electroluminescent Roll-up Banner

Manufactured by:

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, InnovationLab GmbH




Phosphor, Silver

Min. feature size:


Printing method:

Screen printing