Dr. Dipl. Ing. Jean‐Nicolas Tisserant


Dr. Dipl. Ing. Jean‐Nicolas Tisserant
Head of IoT Solutions

Researcher ID: P-2740-2015

InnovationLab GmbH
Speyerer Str. 4
69115 Heidelberg

contact via email
Phone: +49 (0) 6221 54 19 163 (iL)
Mobile: +49 (0) 1521 86 91 572

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

  • 07/2019 Head of IoT Solutions,
    InnovationLab GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany.

  • 2017- 2019 Postdoctoral Fellow, TU Braunschweig & InnovationLab GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany.
    I have developed a method to synthetize nanoporous thin films of organic semiconducting molecules and study their use in gas sensing applications. I was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship. (One publication co-authored, n°1 in the following list, and one patent filed.)

  • 2014–2017 Postdoctoral Researcher, ETH Zurich D-MAVT, Nanotechnology Group led by Prof. Stemmer, Zurich, Switzerland.
    I worked in the joint ETH-IBM cleanroom facilities on the self-assembly organic and metallic nanoparticles on surfaces for energy conversion applications and sensing. (Nine publications co-authored, n°2-10 in the following list.)

  • 2010–2014 PhD Student, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, Empa and ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland.
    Thesis title: Ordering organic thin films for applications in electronics and photonics. (Ten publications co-authored, n°11-17 and n°19-21 in the following list.)

  • 03/2010–07/2010 Assistant Researcher, Master thesis, CNRS Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg, France.
    Thesis title: Development of novel mechano-sensible elastomers. (One publication co-authored: n°18 in the following list).

  • 07/2009–09/2009 Intern, Swiss federal laboratories for materials testing and research, Empa, Dübendorf, Switzerland.
    Study of liquid-liquid dewetting thin films.

  • 07/2008–08/2008 Intern, Philips Automotive, Plauen, Germany.
    Optimization of dip-coating process for ceramic-polymer composites used in automotive lamps.


  • 2010–2014 Doctoral degree, D-HEST, under the supervision of Prof. Mezzenga Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland.

  • 2008–2010 Master’s degree in polymer physico-chemistry, University of Strasbourg, France (1st in my year).

  • 2007–2010 Diplôme d’ingénieur (equiv. to Master’s Degree in chemistry), European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials Science (ECPM), Strasbourg, France.
    Specialization in polymer science but including management skills and studies in languages (1st in my year).

  • 2005–2007 Classe préparatoire (selective pre-engineering undergraduate studies), Lycée Kléber, Strasbourg, France.
    Specialization in maths, physics and chemistry, but including studies in languages.

  • 1998–2005 Baccalaureate, European School Luxembourg I.
    Specialization in maths, physics, chemistry and biology (science prize obtained).

List of Publications

  1. J.-N. Tisserant,* S. Beck, M. M. Barf, W. Kowalsky, R. Lovrincic, Advanced Electronic Materials, 2018, 1800362, in press    
    *corresponding author
  2. J.-N. Tisserant,* T. Wagner, P. A. Reissner, H. Beyer, Y. Fedoryshyn, A. Stemmer, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2017, 9, 27166-27172    
    *corresponding author
  3. N. Mojarad, J.-N. Tisserant, H. Beyer, H. Dong, P. A. Reissner, Y. Fedoryshyn, A. Stemmer Nanotechnology 2017, 28, 0957-4484
  4. M. Makha, P. Testa, S. B. Anantharaman, J. Heier, S. Jenatsch, N. Leclaire, J.-N. Tisserant, A. C. Véron, L. Wang, F. Nüesch, Science and Technology of advanced Materials 2017, 18, 68-75
  5. K. Javor, J.-N. Tisserant, A. Stemmer, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2017, 87, 1-6
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  9. J.-N. Tisserant,* P.A. Reissner, S. Jenatsch, H. Beyer, R. Hany, A. Stemmer, RSC Advances 2016, 6, 23141-23147        
    *corresponding author
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    *corresponding author
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  • J.-N. Tisserant, R. Lovrincic, W. Kowalsky, Organic field effect transistor and use as sensor, filed on 14.03.18, 92003LU (VZ)

Honours & Awards

  • 2017 Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship.
  • 2016 European Commission Certificate of Excellence.
  • 2014 European Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award.
  • 2012 European Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award.
  • 2011 Poster Award at ETH Material Research Center, 6th Graduate Symposium.
  • 2011 SCS DSM Poster Award at the Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting.
  • 2011 Outstanding Talk Award at the 2011 Empa PhD symposium.   
  • 2010 First in my MSc. in Polymer Physics and Chemistry.
  • 2010 First in my year as Chemical Engineer at ECPM Strasbourg.
  • 2010 Hindsberger Prize for best student in Polymer Science at ECPM Strasbourg.
  • 2006 In 10% best to pass PC* selection, Lycée Kléber, Strasbourg.
  • 2005 Prize for the Best Baccalaureate in Science, European School Luxembourg.

Teaching & Mentoring Activities


    • 2015-2016 “Nanostystems” Master Course, ETH Zürich, Self-assembly, forces and interactions acting on the nanoscale.
    • 2016-2017 “Nanostystems” Master Course, ETH Zürich

    Semester projects, co-supervision:

    • 2012 Eric Wimmer, “Synthesis of fullerenes functionalized with conjugated diacetylene moieties for solid-state photopolymerization.”
    • 2013 Chuyao Peng, “Study of liquid-liquid dewetting thin films.”
    • 2014 Thibault Fleuriau Lintz, “Study of a dye blend for organic photovoltaics.”    

    PhD thesis, co-supervision:

    • 2016 Patrick Reissner, ETH Zürich

    Major Collaborations

      • Prof. Frank Nüesch, EPFL, Switzerland;
      • Prof. Raffaele Mezzenga, ETH Zürich, Switzerland;
      • Prof. Andreas Stemmer, ETH Zürich, BRNC/IBM cleanroom facility, Switzerland;
      • Prof. Wolfgang Kowalsky, Dr Lovrincic, TU Braunschweig, Germany;
      • Prof. Pierre Schaaf, Dr. Loïc Jierry, CNRS, Strasbourg, France.