Equipment for Printed and Organic Electronics

Together with our partners from academia and industry we are offering a research platform with a broad infrastructure for research and development of printed and organic electronics. This interdisciplinary
collaboration enables acces to a versatile equipment park.

On a total of 6200 m², from office spaces tolaboratories and cleanrooms, you can benefit from a unique compilation of state-of-the-art research infrastructure such as an integrated UHV-system with FIB, SEM, XPS, FTIR and more for the in situ-analysis. In addition, our equipment includes characterization tools such as a climatic chamber, force/displacement measurement, drop shape analysis system, or rheometer and infrastructure such as glove boxes, exhaust hoods and a yellow room for lithography. Our all-u-can-use-flatrate package futher includes various types of printing presses from laboratory scale to pilot plants and industrial production - all under one roof.


Clustertool for analytics.

Clustertool = Ultra high vacuum system for investigation of organic thin-film layer systems without breaking vacuum and critical sample transfers.

  • vacuum evaporation
  • solution processing (spin-coater)
  • dry nitrogen glovebox
  • Auriga® CrossBeam® - Workstation (SEM, FIB, GIS)
  • Physical Electronics PHI 5000 VersaProbe (XPS, UPS, IPES)
  • Bruker Vertex 80v  (FTIR-Spectrometer)
  • DME BRR scanning probe microscopy (AFM, STM, SKP)

Printing and Coating

Optomec: Aerosol Jet AJ300

Printing, Coating & Surface Treatment

  • inkjet printing (Dimatix, PixDro, n.jet hybrid)
  • blade-coating (Ericson coatmaster)
  • screen printing (Thieme), up to 580 x 750 mm²
  • aerosol jet (Optomec)
  • spin-coating
  • thermal transfer printing (Zebra)
  • 3D printers
  • plasma/UV treatment
  • temperature and vacuum hardening


Roll-2-Roll Printing Press for Prototyping and Industrial Production

Modificated Gallus Printing Machine.

PEP3 (based on Gallus RCS 330)

  • printing and drying of single or multilayer functional material systems
  • large volume manufacturing capabilities
  • substrate size up to 330 x 609 mm
    designs up to several meters in length available upon request
  • Depending on the printing process, tests can be carried out starting already from 100 ml ink consumption via special adjustments
  • pretreatment
  • printing processes: flexo, gravure, screen and offset printing
  • optional: inkjet printing
  • drying: UV, IR, convection and active cooling

PVD, CVD and Photolithography

Yellow Room at InnovationLab.

Evaporation System HHV (Edwards)

  • metals:gold, silver, aluminium, titanium, etc.

Parylene Coater PDS 2010E (Specialty Coating Systems Inc.)

  • complete encapsulation of components
  • production of dielectric layers in OFETs
  • materials: parylene C/-N or A-174 silane
Yellow Room at InnovationLab.

Suss MicroTec Mask Aligner:

  • mask frame: 7” masks & 5” masks
  • to be used for MEMS applications, production of optical components and compound semiconductors

Wet Bench:

  • 4x Heated Ultrasonic Bath (3x suitable for flammable liquids)
  • 3x QDR sinks (Quick Dump Rinse)
  • fully equipped with Filter-Fan Units


Glovebox in Yellow Room.

Multiple Glove Boxes:

  • nitrogen atmosphere
  • designed for handling solvents
  • spin-coating
  • systems for thermal evaporation: metals, salts, organic materials
  • IV-, LIV-, SMU- and spectral characterization
  • UV-curing

Further Laboratory Equipment: ultrasonic bath, heating panels

Further Thin Film and Material Characterization Methods


White-Light Interferometer Sensofar (Newport)

  • suitable for the characterization of thin films
  • measurable heights between some nm up to 1 cm

Surface Profilometers Dektak 150 (Veeco Instruments)

  • large Z-range of 1 millimeter
  • vertical resolution: 1Å max.
Microscope in equipment pool.

Ambient Atomic Force Microscope Scanner DualScope™ 95 50 (DME)

  • scanning area: 50 µm x 50 µm x 5 µm
  • possibility for electrical measurements such as KPFM

Kelvin Probe KP020 (KP Technology)

  • high quality measurements of work function/fermi level
  • resolution of work function: 1 - 3 meV

Various optical microscopes

Ellipsometer SENpro Sentech

Ellipsometer SENpro (Sentech)

  • determination of layer thickness and optical constants (single and multilayer films)
  • spectral area: 370 nm up to 1050 nm
DSA100 Krüss Equipment

UV-Vis-Spectrometer DH-S-BAL (Avantes)

  • simple absorption and transmission spectroscopy from 200-2500 nm

Methods for Ink Characterization

  • Contact angle/surface tension measuring system DSA100 (Krüss)
  • rheometer (Haake Mars)

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