Nano- and Micro-system technology for life sciences

From nano to micro and beyond: Exploring Non-Invasive Prognosis and Treatment Tests for Cancer Pathologies


  • Explore new methodologies in cancer prognosis.
  • Hands-on sessions with leading experts in the field.
  • Experience through use cases how a fundamental technology can be transformed into medical application.
  • Networking opportunities with technology experts and industry peers.

Innovation Lab is delighted to invite you a dynamic workshop event dedicated to the latest advancements in oncological therapies. It is our mission to foster and accelerate technology transfer to find solutions for urgent problems.

With the workshop we aim to establish new ties between excellent science and leading industry companies and to generate an impulse for developing together. As outcome of the workshop we expect proposals for joint technology transfer projects to be followed by creating impactful products and solutions for Diagnosis and Treatment for Cancer. Here, InnovationLab serves as bridgemaker and  platform for upscaling new and innovative technologies.


Join us for an insightful workshop focusing on cutting-edge methods in cancer research. This event will delve into innovative techniques for performing non-invasive prognosis tests using living cells freshly isolated from biopsies or resected tumors, latest advancements in preclinical and oncological technical equipment, with a special emphasis on non-invasive oncological testing procedures using “artificial tumors”designed and performed to mimic the bio-physical and physico chemical properties of in vivo tumors in 3 D dimension.

Who should not miss the workshop:

  • You are driven to develop diagnosis or treatment solutions for cancer to improve patients’ lifes?
  • You want to present or seek access to cutting-edge science and innovative technologies at the interface of life science and nano- and microsystem technology?
  • You are an expert in your field and want to network with experts in adjacent fields?
  • Scientist, researcher, industry professional, health regulator and patient safety officers?

Your registration for the workshop

If you are interested in a site tour or would like to visit our newly established biolabs, please let us know!

Join us to be part of a forward-thinking community, aiming to revolutionize oncological diagnostics and treatments. Your participation is not just an opportunity to learn, but also to contribute to a future where medical innovation thrives within a safe environment.


What partners say about our workshops

Networking people, promoting ideas, fostering innovation - in short, technology transfer - that is part of the workshop agenda. Past workshops have shown that it works! Christoph Stöver had the opportunity to network and was ultimately able to implement a business idea. Dr. Aldo Leal-Egaña, Dr. Mohammadreza Taale and Professor Michael Hirtz are hoping for something similar. All three are researching molecular technologies and are excited to see what opportunities the workshop offers them and their research. The researchers from Heidelberg University and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are looking forward to the event on February 15 at the iL.

„InnovationLab GmbH's Life Science Workshop brings together dynamic start-ups, representatives of established companies and scientists from top regional universities and offers an excellent space for creative exchange. Key technologies in microsystems technology and the life science sector are brought together here, allowing completely new solutions to be identified. At the last workshop in 2023, I got to know interesting people and their ideas and projects. A casual exchange with Marian Weiss from VERAXA even led directly to an opportunity for collaboration, which materialized a few months later. When innovative, bilateral or multilateral business ideas can be implemented, that is also the ideal case.“

Christoph Stöver, Coordinator R&D-Projects, Temicon Micronano Solutions


"The Workshop carried out at the Innovation Lab offered us a unique possibility to check what it is happening at the frontiers of the knowledge, and which potentialities have innovative ideas to arrive to the market. Furthermore, as a professional researcher, I can envisage the potential applications of our research, considering a very dynamic and competitive German and European market in the field of the Biomedicine and Biotechnology, being able to discuss the challenges and difficulties to go across this path, as well as the best strategies to get in touch with the private sector ".

Dr. Aldo Leal-Egaña, Heidelberg University, Groupleader at Institute of Molecular Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials (IMSEAM)


„The iL workshops offer a great opportunity for scientists to get in touch with companies to translate our work in the lab into real innovations. The discussion in a joint panel, simultaneously with scientific colleagues and interested experts from industry, offers a unique opportunity to develop ideas for collaborations, especially in complex topics such as cancer, where many different perspectives and approaches need to be considered.“

Professor Michael Hirtz, Groupleader at Institute for Nanotechnology (INT) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


"I'm eagerly anticipating my first workshop at InnovationLab in the Biomedical and Biotechnology industry. With high hopes for gaining insights into groundbreaking concepts and projects, I look forward to engaging with industry experts and exploring the future of innovation in our field.
The added value of hands-on sessions and networking opportunities promises a holistic experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. As the workshop date approaches, the anticipation of discovering new ideas and connecting with like-minded professionals is building. I am confident that this upcoming workshop will be a pivotal moment in my professional journey, and I'm excited to see the impact it will have on the Biomedical and Biotechnology industry."

Dr. Mohammadreza Taale, Heidelberg University, PostDoc at  Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials (IMSEAM)