Digitization of product areas through our printed organic sensors

It was a special honor for us to be part of the selected dinner of the Israeli Business Club Germany with the Israeli Ambassador to Germany, S.E. Mr. Jeremy Issacharoff and the former Israeli Ambassador to the USA, S.E. Mr. Danny Ayalon.

We were allowed to discuss with Prof. Dr. Peter Frankenberg, Chairman of the Shareholders' Meeting of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation (Kaufland, Lidl), and Mr. Thomas Kyriakis, Board executive member of Schwarz Zentrale Dienste KG, the digitization of product areas through our printed organic sensors.

Together with the Israeli Ambassador, Major of Heidelberg Prof. Würzner and former BILD chief editor Kai Diekmann, Luat Nguyen also addressed the difficulties in relations between Germany, Israel, and the USA. Thank Sinisa Toromann, president of IBC and all respectable personalities from economy, politics, and science we met yesterday.