IntelliStok® Automated Stock Replenishment System by Trelleborg

Solutions, one of the world’s leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of precision seals, bearings and custom-molded polymer components, eliminates the need for the manual scanning of items, thereby saving time, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

This innovative logistics system is based on printed, organic sensors from Innovation-Lab. It works seamlessly with existing Kanban-based systems to provide real-time in-ventory tracking of the company’s sealing products. The system uses InnovationLab's printed pressure sensor matrices, which are placed inside existing storage bins at a warehouse. These sensors weigh the products, which can weigh less than 1g, in each bin and wirelessly send this data to the cloud. The used sensor matrix material is cost-effective and sufficient durability to prevent deformation or creasing during use.

Trelleborg offers  IntelliStok® as a service to its customers – triggering orders automatically for the replenishment of stock, directly in Trelleborg’s systems. The customer receives an email informing them of the order and the stock arrives shortly thereafter.

For Trelleborg’s customers, there are five standard-size sensor units available, which fit most bin types. The sensor matrices are integrated into a module that incorporates a microcontroller (MCU), a Wi-Fi chip for wireless connectivity and a 3.6V lithium battery.

IntelliStok® in Action

by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Learn how Trelleborg’s IntelliStok® automated inventory management system simplifies the entire inventory replenishment process, from monitoring stock levels to order placement and bin replenishment (if used in conjunction with the ServicePLUS vendor managed inventory program).

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