OccluSense® by Bausch

OccluSense® by Bausch with integrated flexible, printed pressure sensors from InnovationLab combines conventional and digital occlusion control.

Printing process of sensors.

As an expert in printed and organic electronics, InnovationLab offers solutions from the initial product idea to the final pro-duction of flexible and functional print products. As part of this service, iL supported Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG, manu-facturer of occlusion test materials, from the idea of designing tailor-made flexible sensors for every dental practice to the final print product. These flexible printed pressure sensors are part of Bausch’s digital occlusion control system.

OccluSense® - The Future of Occlusion Control can be used by any dentist as the occlusion test is a daily routine. It consists of a handheld device, inductive charger, a test sensor, and a box of 25 sensors, developed and printed by InnovationLab. It combines the traditional and digital presentation of the masticatory forces on occlusal surfaces. The masticatory forces are covered by the sensor and recorded by the handheld device which transmits the recor-ded data wireless to the OccluSense®-iPad-App.

 Handheld device and sensors.
Handheld device and sensors.

These integrated printed flexible pressure sensors depict the unique features accessible by printed electronics - thin, light-weight, conformable on plastic substrate. The sensors are only 60 micrometer thin, very flexible, and allow the recording of all mastica-tory forces in 256 pressure levels. The thin and flexible material allows recording of both the static and the dynamic occlusion. Due to their color-coating it is possible to assign them to the contact points on the teeth.

The novelty is the digital representation of the occlusal points and the associated stress loads, what might be causing diverse symptoms, such as headache, earache, neck pain, shoulder pain, hypersensitivity to light, bruxism or difficulties in swallowing.

In today’s dentistry, documentation and data storage are essential. Therefore, the app saves each shot automatically and in addition it is also easy to draw comparisons. The system can be used in various fields of dentistry including functional diagnostics, dental technology, and osteopathy.

Produktvideo OccluSense®

by Bausch

The improved patient communication and education by easy-to-understand graphical representation of contact points and percentage distribution of the occlusal forces over the entire dental arch is a major advantage for treating patients more efficiently in daily work.

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