Workshop „Life Science Technologies“: Innovation
from the laboratory to industrial application

The countdown is on: The InnovationLab GmbH team is looking forward to the upcoming workshop in the field of life science technologies, entitled „Nano and microsystems technology for the life sciences“.

On Thursday, February 15, we will be welcoming guests from the worlds of science and industry. The program starts at 10.15 a.m. with a registration and tour through the InnovationLab and ends at 5.30 p.m. with a dinner buffet with an open end. Registrations can be made directly on our homepage at

As a platform at the interface between science and industry, we see ourselves as problem solvers and accelerators for technology transfer. We help our shareholders and partners to „take new technologies from the laboratory to marketable products and applications more quickly“, as Managing Director Dr. Michael Kröger describes it.

Interdisciplinary networking opportunities

This workshop is particularly about the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary networking opportunities. In this specific the topic of medicine. Scientists, industry professionals, experts from the field of in the field of oncology and health and patient safety representatives and patient safety can join forces and engage in targeted group work the potential of nanotechnology and microsystems technology - used in the life sciences used in the biosciences. Ultimately, diagnostics and therapy in medicine play a central role. Innovative techniques for carrying out tests that are carried out without invasive interventions in the body, as well as test procedures using „artificial tumors“, which are imitated in three dimensions, are are the focus of interest. The biomedicine and biotechnology sector offers an exciting field of development in the near future, which is subordinate to the major holistic goal of recognizing complicated diseases in good time and, if possible, to cure them.

Scientific program with 3 keynote speeches

After a tour of the cleanroom, the scientific program will start with three keynote speeches by renowned experts:

  • Dr. Kristina Riehemann, University of Münster, Institute of Physics, Cell Culture / Nanomedicine Division
  • Dr. Aldo Leal-Egaña, University of Heidelberg, Group leader at Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials (IMSEAM)
  • Prof. Dr. Irina Nazarenko, University Medical Center Freiburg, Head of the Exosomes and Tumor Biology Group   

The afternoon will be filled with group work, discussions of the individual contributions and a final presentation of the results. „Key technologies in microsystems technology and the life sciences are brought together, which can lead to completely new solutions. If innovative, bilateral or multilateral business ideas can be implemented, this is also the ideal case“, said Christoph Stöver, who is responsible for research and development cooperation at temicon GmbH and took part in last year's workshop. „The opportunity to establish new networks, expand existing ones and initiate bilateral and multilateral collaborations is a unifying expectation of the participants and precisely describes the iL model as a technology transfer platform“, says Managing Director Dr. Michael Kröger.

Networking and talking shop: group work, discussions and presentation of results are part of the workshop program on 15 February. Image: Stock

Practical information

Our workshop will take place in the attractive coworking spaces of „1.000 Satellites“ in the Bahnstadt district, in the neighborhood of Heidelberg's main train station. Drinks and food will be provided at the get-together at the beginning, during the coffee breaks and at the concluding dinner buffet. Those arriving by train or public transport will not have far to travel. Those who prefer your own car, you can park in the marked visitor parking lots of InnovationLab GmbH in the underground parking garage.



If you would like further information about the workshop schedule or details, please contact the two iL organizers Dr. Tanja Benedict and Maren Heusser.


Dr. Tanja Benedict

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Maren Heusser

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Joachim Klaehn

Head of Communications