The “SensorMatrixLAB” software is an application developed to visualize and process the data from InnovationLab’s Active Sensor Matrixes. The software supports following main features:

  • Advanced data visualization
  • High speed data recording and replaying
  • API sensor data access
  • Communication Interfaces: USB Serial, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Support of customized printed sensor matrixes
  • Advanced hardware configuration
  • Configuration of readout electronics, including standalone operation via CAN
  • Full proprietary protocol support
Main view of SensorMatrixLAB software
Main view of SensorMatrixLAB software

Activation guide:

  1. Install the software on end-user PC (no admin privileges required)
  2. On the first run you will be asked to provide a license. Your UID will be shown in a window (see below)
  3. To request a license, send a mail to, specifying your name, company, License UID (see above) and your order number
  4. In the reply you will get a user key and license file to be imported
  5. Activation is complete
License Activation
License Activation - License UID