"SensorMatrixLAB" is a Windows software developed by InnovationLab specifically for visualizing and processing data from InnovationLab's sensor matrices.

Main Functions

  • Advanced Data Visualization: "Explore your data in a new dimension with our sophisticated visualization tools. We offer a wide range of functionalities for a customized presentation of your data in 1D, 2D, and 3D. Utilize matrix statistics, comprehensive general settings, advanced image filtering options, precise image interpolation, and real-time charts for individual pixels to gain deep insights into your data."
  • High-Speed Data Recording and Playback: "Precisely capture and analyze your sensor data in real-time. Our data player allows you to thoroughly examine past measurements, providing various settings to optimize the display and analysis of your data."
  • API Access to Sensor Data: "Effortlessly and seamlessly integrate SensorMatrixLAB into your existing projects to ensure efficient and smooth data processing."
  • Extensive Communication Interfaces: "SensorMatrixLAB supports a variety of communication interfaces, including USB-Serial, CAN, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, offering you flexible and reliable connectivity options."
  • Modular Software Architecture: "The newly developed, modular architecture of SensorMatrixLAB is a major advantage of the current version. It seamlessly adapts to customized products, instantly creating a tailored software solution."
  • Calibration: "With the integration of the PassiveMatrixUniversal electronics, SensorMatrixLAB enables individual pixel calibration for extensive sensor matrices, fully customizable and precise."
Interface of the SensorMatrixLAB software
Interface of the SensorMatrixLAB software

Activation guide:

  1. Install the software on end-user PC (no admin privileges required)
  2. On the first run you will be asked to provide a license. Your UID will be shown in a window (see below)
  3. To request a license, send a mail to, specifying your name, company, License UID (see above) and your order number
  4. In the reply you will get a user key and license file to be imported
  5. Activation is complete
License Activation
License Activation - License UID

Guide to Software Installation with .NET Framework 6.x

Prerequisites: Before installing the software, ensure that the .NET Framework 6.x is installed on your Windows system. If it is not yet installed, please follow these steps:

Downloading .NET Framework 6.x

  • Visit the official .NET download page for Windows.
  • Select the current version SDK 6.x for Windows and download it.

Installing the .NET Framework 6.x

  • Run the downloaded installation file with a double-click.
  • Follow the instructions of the installation wizard to complete the installation.

Verifying the Installation

  • Open the Windows Command Line (CMD) or PowerShell.
  • Enter dotnet --version to check if .NET 6.x is correctly installed.