Logitech Sustainability Award

A reason to celebrate: in the framework of Logitech’s annual Future Positive Challenge, the pitch by InnovationLab was selected as the winner in the Electronics category. Sustainability and a lower environmental footprint in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) are key winning factors. The certificate’s prize has been handed over to us by Logitech COO Prakash Arunkundrum.

The competition has started with accepting applications in winter 2022. After pitch sessions, eight finalists were selected in four categories: Electronics, Energy Storage & Management, Transducers & Actuators, and Materials. This year's experts jury consisted of leading executives from the Apples/Switzerland based computer accessories manufacturer: Prakash Arunkundrum (COO of Logitec), Robert O'Mahony (Head of Sustainability), Jean-Michel Chardon (Head of Technological Innovation) and Lajla Aganovic (Head of Venture Engagement) have evaluated nearly 100 candidates.

"We were already delighted to have made it to the finals. As one of a total of four winners, we can now hardly wait to take the next steps together with the Logitech team," says Janusz Schinke, Head of Printed Electronics.

Christoph Kaiser: "Environmentally friendly technology"

"Our technology is very environmental-friendly," explained Dr. Christoph Kaiser, Head of Technology at iL, "We don't need etching processes for it. That's how the energy balance remains excellent." Christoph Kaiser is convinced that InnovationLab is in a technological pioneering role in this respect and will be able to continually expand its market activities with PCBs. " We are able to print, our customers can assemble. It’s not simply wishful thinking on our part – it’s definitely real PCB manufacturing, not the introduction of a new product”, says Christoph Kaiser.

Winning the Logitech award against stiff competition is a real coup for InnovationLab, a medium-sized company based in Heidelberg, Germany. In the words of Christoph Kaiser, “it is a real acknowledgment of our technology and our work. And coming from an external party, it’s an even greater compliment.”

Prakash Arunkundrum, has joined PC accessories supplier -Logitech- in 2015 and was appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in January 2023. Arunkundrum presented the certificate to InnovationLab during a virtual ceremony. For the four judges, the main criteria in choosing the winner were technology, sustainability, feasibility and future development possibilities.

Advantages of the additive printing process

In concrete terms, when compared to conventional (subtractive) methods using soldering and etching, the so-called additive printing process is far less harmful in terms of material waste, water consumption, toxic impact and substrate.

 The innovative use of copper instead of silver has made the printing process more efficient, economical and sustainable. Game changing factor is in addition the fact that printed traces are solderable in conventional reflow ovens. This is now possible by the inks from Israeli start-up Copprint. As a result, subsequent processes such as pick & place can integrate simply into conventional production lines without any extra adjustments. The electronics manufacturer simply adds extra value with buying a sustainable PCB.

And, in addition to all this, there’s absolutely no doubt it leads to a significant reduction of the carbon footprint! Using silver, emissions measure 155 kilograms of carbon dioxide per metric ton. With copper, however, iL’s preferred material, this sinks to 3.97 kilograms of carbon dioxide per metric ton – roughly 40-times less. (source: Copprint Technologies Ltd.).

This means iL was able to ideally meet Logitech’s competition requirements in their entirety – pursuit of new solutions, use of lower-impact materials, energy-efficient processes in the design and production of circuit boards – in sharp contrast to traditional subtractive convential PCB processes that take a toll on the environment.

Second award in 2023

Following the success at the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) competition in the spring 2023, where iL won an award in the " Prototypes and New Products" category at the LOPEC trade fair 2023 in Munich for its Large-Area Connecting Device, this prestigious prize at Logitech's Future Positive Challenge is the second top-ranking award for our future-oriented company this year.

This acknowledgment will serve as additional motivation for our team. Innovation and sustainability must move forward hand in hand. In dificcult times of energy transition, this maxim applies more than ever before. 


Joachim Klaehn

Head of Services Communication