Michael Kröger: "Exchange of ideas and networking play an important role"


Under the event title "Nano and microsystems technology for the life sciences", InnovationLab GmbH is hosting a workshop on February 15. Researchers will have the opportunity to come into contact with a wide range of players from industry. This will not only provide networking opportunities between technology experts and industry colleagues, but will also focus on research into non-invasive prognosis and treatment tests for cancer pathologies. Our Managing Director Dr. Michael Kröger is already looking forward to the upcoming workshop and the many opportunities that such an event offers. In this interview, Michael explains why iL offers workshops in the first place, what makes them special and what participants can look forward to when they come to iL's premises on February 15.


At the interface between science and business

Why does iL organize workshops?

Dr. Michael Kröger: I see iL's role as an accelerator for technology transfer at the interface between science and industry. We help our shareholders and partners to overcome barriers in order to bring new technologies from the laboratory to marketable products and applications more quickly in the fields of life science technologies, energy transition and industrial production. In addition to the unique infrastructure, events for exchanging ideas and networking play an important role. We network at a regional level in particular with the aim of bringing scientists, developers and entrepreneurs together.

Dr. Michael Kröger: "For me, the aim is for the workshops to be the starting point for the formation of new innovation networks and consortia." Picture: InnovationLab


What are the intentions of such an event?

Kröger: The specific intention for the following workshop is to distil which problems can be solved faster and better through multilateral cooperation such as that offered by iL. For me, the aim is for the workshops to be the starting point for the formation of new innovation networks and consortia that set to work to find solutions to the main problems.

What opportunities does iL offer with the workshops?

Kröger: We offer participants a broad range of participants who can shed light on problems from a variety of perspectives. It provides a platform for university scientists to discuss innovative technologies and new solutions in dialog with industry. Industry participants have the opportunity to learn about new, previously unknown solutions. At the same time, the workshop offers an ideal platform for networking with partners along the value chain.


"Perspectives and solutions are what I'm passionate about"

What makes the workshops special? How did you perceive the last workshop?

Kröger: The closeness and direct exchange are special for me. A large number of partners have been involved in past workshops and their preparation. This allows me to get to know many different perspectives and solutions myself. Perspectives and solutions are what I am passionate about. The personal feedback from participants makes me feel positive that the participants from science and business see great value in the workshops. I am therefore already looking forward to the next workshops in mid-February and am excited about the input and feedback from the partners.

Registration information for February 15

All information about the workshop "Nano and Microsystems Technology for the Life Sciences - From Nano to Micro and Beyond: Exploring Non-Invasive Prognostic and Treatment Tests for Cancer Pathologies" can also be found on our website. Please use the registration form there, as the number of participants is limited. We look forward to seeing you there!

Hannah Gieser