Scale Up and Pilot Production for Printed Sensors

The Second Phase of Our LAB 2 FAB Concept.

Once you are satisfied with the development of your individual sensor solution, InnovationLab provides the upscaling from lab-scale sheet-to-sheet manufacturing to a high-throughput roll-to-roll fabrication. This gives you the necessary volume for field tests and final adjustments of the product and us the opportunity to optimize the production process for you.

In case you have already developed your product on your own, InnovationLab implements manufacturing processes of your print product and paves the way for a fast commercialization and the subsequent industrial production.

Printing Press Gallus RCS 330 for Pilot Production

Our highly modified Gallus RCS 330 printing press enables us to scale-up the volume of your devices depending on the volume required in their product development process. The machine, measuring 17 m in length, is installed in our cleanroom. It allows us to process substrates with a width of 330 mm and substrate thicknesses of 1.5-300 μm. A 2000 m long standard role can be fully treated in multilayer printing within one day.

The printing press has been adapted in many ways to the special requirements of printed electronics. Printing and drying units can be placed along the web run. This modular design fosters rapid product development. Additionally, the web run can be adapted to the specific requirements of each application. The fluid volume in each printing unit has been significantly decreased allowing test runs to be performed using only small laboratory material quantities. For multilayer and registration printing the press is equipped with state-of-the-art measurement and process control units. The whole press is capable of safely printing various solvents.

InnovationLab has a varied set of printing capabilities.


screen, offset, flexo, gravure




IR , convection, active cooling

Material modification:

hot embossing, lamination, rewinder, and unwinder