Our Team

At InnovationLab, employees of different companies and research institutes exchange their knowledge in order to answer the challenging questions of printed and organic electronics, thus contributing to the platforms' success.

We are pleased to introduce to you our versatile team of employees and industrial partners.

InnovationLab GmbH - Management

Dr.-Ing. Michael Kröger

Managing Director iL GmbH

Dr. Tanja Benedict

Authorized Signatory, Legal Services

Dr. Janusz Schinke

Authorized Signatory, Printed Electronics

For any inquiries concerning the management, please contact:

Juliane Arenstorff

Executive Administrative Assistant
contact via email
Phone: +4962215419100

InnovationLab GmbH - Department Heads

Dr. Tanja Benedict

Legal Services, IP Management & Chief Compliance Officer

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Dr.-Ing. Christoph Kaiser

Head of Technology

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Joachim Klaehn

Head of Communications

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Thomas Rohland (M.Sc.)

Head of Printing Operations

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Michaela Sauer

Head of Internal Operations & HR

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Dr. Janusz Schinke

Head of Printed Electronics

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Dr. Karl-Philipp Strunk

Head of Project Management

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Dr. Jean-Nicolas Tisserant

Head of Sensors and OFETs' Development

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Dr. Florian Ullrich

Head of Business Development

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InnovationLab GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Atefeh Amin

Technical Marketing Assistant

Prof. Dr. Herbert Bender

External Safety Officer

Karsten Bensch

Technical Operations & Safety Representative

Irene Brunetti

Early-Stage Researcher HORATES

Holger Doeringer

Printing Expert


Joanna Folberth

Marketing Manager

Maren Heusser

Platform Manager

Matthias Hülsken

Assistance Legal Service & IP

Yannick Kraft

Printing Operator


Marion Lohnert

HR Manager

Rony Samaan

Development Engineer | Electronic and Software

Jennifer Schmitt

Finance Manager

Jonas Schröter

Administration & Finance Assistant

Benjamin Obermayer (M.Eng.)

Process Development

Thomas Peissig

Technical Operations & Safety Representative

Kevin Schmid

Manager Electronic and Software Development

Hans-Juergen Schnappauf-Gehrke

Laboratory & Chemical Safety

Manuel Seifert

Laboratory Technician Printed Electronics

Sebastian Stehlin

Project Manager


Florian Wiese

Development Engineer | Electronic & Software

Christian Willig

Researcher 2HORISONS

Dr. Johannes Zimmermann

Development Engineer | Quality Management Officer

Karina Zub

Project Manager | Development Engineer